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Whanganui River Bank Track

Whanganui River Bank Track
2 hour walk
8 km
This is a very pleasant walk beginning at Cherry Grove where the Ongarue and the Whanganui Rivers meet. Just through the Cherry Grove gates to the left is the start of the track and it follows the river upstream, on a well formed path. It passes under Victory Bridge and then continues along the stop bank to Matapuna where the river tumbles over a clay bed and children enjoy the river slides in the summer time. The river sparkles in the sunshine as it hurries along and often fishermen can be seen hoping for a trout. At quite a few places on this first section you can leave the track and retrace your way to Cherry Grove along the roadway if you prefer to do a circuit.
At Manunui the track goes up onto SH4 where you cross the bridge spanning the Whanganui River and cross left to the Saw Millers Commemorative Grove beside the Holiday Park. This stand of totaras was spared the ax and saw in the early days and is now a fitting memorial.
The track meanders through this reserve to join the river again and follows it upstream to the Manunui Sports Ground. Sometimes this part of the track suffers erosion from flooding but for all that it is a very pleasant walk. Having a picnic along the way is enjoyable and relaxing. Transport back needs to be arranged or it will be a long walk back.