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Ongarue Timber Trail

Ongarue Timber Trail

Ongarue Timber Trail
5‐6 hours to Mangatukutuku Swing Bridge, 26 km return.
3‐4 hours to the Ongarue Spiral, 15.6 km return.

This trail is part of the Timber Trail Cycleway but makes an interesting walk up to the restored Ongarue Spiral or to the Mangatukutuku Swing Bridge. Car parking is at Bennett Road and the first 5 km is over a pumice track to where the trail starts its uphill journey. It is an easy walk up to the spiral with its 50 m curved tunnel and over bridge. A torch is an asset here as it is very dark and often a bit wet. Watch out for bikes as they come down quietly and often very fast. The original engineering feats can only be marveled at and sign boards have been set up to tell the history of the place. Parts of the old curved viaduct over the Mangatukutuku can still be seen along with other relics. The scenery of the bush is great even though it was well cut over in years gone by. If you are not a cyclist then this is a very good walk to do as it is historical and interesting, beautiful and not too steep.


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