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Walking and Cycling

Walking and Cycling Tracks in Taumarunui
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Walking Tracks around Taumarunui

Ohinetonga Walk





Owhango, SH4, 20 minutes from Taumarunui, 2 hours, Easy.
This wonderful family outing has many options whether it be picnicking, swimming or walking through the lovely bush. Turn left off SH4 at the Walking Track sign in the centre of Owhango and drive through the Ohinetonga Reserve to…..[Read More]

Sunshine Track

Sunshine Track, 1 hour return, Moderate
This is not a very long walk but it is really lovely and worth the effort. Cross Victory Bridge and turn left down Marsack Road and the entrance to the walk is sign posted on the right. The narrow drive leads to a small car…..[Read More]

Te Maire Track

Te Maire, SH 43, 10 Minutes from Taumarunui, 2 hour, moderate, 5 km
Drive 12 km down SH 43, from Taumarunui and cross the Te Maire Bridge on Paparoa Road. A short distance on turn left into Te Maire Valley Road and continue to the car park. The reserve is sign posted and here is the beginning of …..[Read More]

Te Peka Lookout and Reserve

Te Peka Lookout and Reserve, Hospital Hill, Moderate
This lookout is on Hospital Hill at the end of Byers Avenue and has panoramic views over the town and surrounding country side. A gazebo, with a lit cross on the top, is a focal point of the Western end of Taumarunui and …..[Read More]

Whanganui River Bank Track

Whanganui River Bank Track, 2 hour walk, 8 km, Easy.
This is a very pleasant walk beginning at Cherry Grove where the Ongarue and the Whanganui Rivers meet. Just through the Cherry Grove gates to the left is the start of the track and it follows the river upstream, on a well…..[Read More]

Rangaroa Reserve Walk

Rangaroa Reserve Walk, 30 minutes, Uphill.
The entrance to this walk begins from the Rangaroa Reserve sign near the swings on East Street, Rangaroa. The track winds around a scrubby area to a small stand of redwoods. The concrete pad here is all that remains of the Scout…..[Read More]

Mount Hikurangi

Mount Hikurangi, 4 hour walk, Steep.
This 771m high mountain is a landmark of the area and in spite of its shape is not a volcano but is still a very interesting and steep climb. On clear days the views are superb. The track begins…..[Read More]

Ongarue Timber Trail

Ongarue Timber Trail, 3‐4 hours to the Ongarue Spiral, 15.6 km return,
5‐6 hours to Mangatukutuku Swing Bridge, 26 km return.
This trail is part of the Timber Trail Cycleway but makes an interesting walk up to the restored Ongarue Spiral or to the Mangatukutuku Swing Bridge. Car parking is at Bennett Road and the first 5 km is over a…..[Read More]