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Education & Training

Ohorere Street, Owhango
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10 Rata Street, Manunui

(07) 895 8719
115 Hakiaha Street
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12 High Street
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Manson Street
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Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust

Community Profile:
Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust Services are delivered to residents from both the Waikato District and the Ruapehu District to communities including Taumarunui Central, Manunui, Owhango, Ngapuke, Raurimu, National Park, Ohura Waimiha, central Te Kuiti, Pio Pio and Mokau; The area that is covered is a large geographical area that has a population of over 14,000 people

Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust Mission:
Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust is committed to restoring, enhancing, mana, confidence and wellbeing in our communities.

I roto i nga ahuatanga me nga tikanga ka ora te iwi Maori
Based on traditional values and correct procedures we will have wellness

Overview of Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust:
Taumarunui Community Kokiri Trust became a Maori Health Committee in 1989 as the result of a community meeting at Wharauroa Marae. Beginning with a small vision & hearing contract for local tamariki, the organisation has expanded to deliver 22 health and social support services. In 1996 we became a Charitable Trust.

Current services include:

Service Coordination – to assist individuals and whanau with existing health conditions and at risk for further health complications
Koroua & Kuia – health education, advocacy and screening for kaumatua
Tamariki Ora – a Well Child service for pre-school aged tamariki
Sexual Health (Under 25s) – a youth sexual health service including cervical smears, STI checks, Contraception, pregnancy tests and advice.
Sexual Health (High School Service)
Mental Health Service – adult and tamariki/rangatahi needs assessment and service coordination, and adult community support
Mental Health – drug and alcohol Addiction
Youth Support & Advocacy – health education, advocacy and programmes for rangatahi
Mum’s & Pepi Support service – and ante-natal service to ensure pepi gets the best start possible
Tamariki Akoranga – early childhood centre
Engaging priority whanau – Supporting Early childhood enrolment in Te Kuiti
Smoking Cessation – nicotine replacement therapy & one-on-one support to assist people to quit
Family Start – an intensive advocacy and support service for whanau at high risk of poor outcomes
Three GP Clinics – committed to quality primary healthcare
Te Arahina o Arihia – rest home delivering quality, culturally appropriate care for kaumatua
Garden Centre – work placement opportunities for long-term unemployed and healthy resourcing for the early childhood centre and rest home.
Budgeting Service
Whanau Ora Service
Mobile Chronic Disease Management (Te Kuiti and Taumarunui)
Womens Health (Raukura Hauora)
Maori & Pasifika Trade Training
SPACE-EZE – Youth Hub: Youth friendly space to access information advocacy and support for health, education and employment pathways

The organisation has developed a Whanau Ora model of care. This model integrates all of our health and social services as an integrated model of care to ensure that whanau are supported in the best possible way.

Located at 121 Hakiaha Street

07 895 5919
Golf Road

Alternative Education off-Site Campus, Taringamotu Road

(07) 895 7179
Corner Hakiaha and Maata Streets
(07) 895 7131
35 Makere Street
(07) 896 7812
07 895 6560