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10 Turaki Street

C/O Taumarunui Police Station

(07) 895 5712
Nevalea Alpacas
5446 State Highway 4, Ongarue, Taumarunui

Nevalea Alpacas, the largest alpaca farm in New Zealand, is home to over 750 friendly alpacas. We offer visitors ‘The Ultimate Alpaca Experience’ and have a range of different activities to choose from to give visitors an opportunity to get up close to the alpacas, hand feed them and feel just how soft and cuddly the alpacas are.

We operate alpaca treks through the summer months, where visitors can walk an alpaca around the farm and see hundreds of alpaca come to greet them in the hills, spectacular views surrounded by alpacas. We also offer a shorter alpaca walk throughout the year as another option.

We have new-born baby alpacas all year-round, and for a unique opportunity offer visitors the chance to have a cuddle with a baby alpaca. Great up close and personal experiences and chances for some amazing photos.

Visit the farm shop, we have a large range of designer knitwear that is 100% New Zealand grown and made.

Visit the website for activity bookings and pricing.

(07) 896 6333
RD 4
(07) 895 6181
RD 4
(07) 895 6012

Ambulance Station, Ngarimu Street

(07) 896 7471
Ngarimu Street, Ohura
(07) 893 8839
Ongarue Village Road
(07) 894 5992

Onemapua Road, RD 1, Owhango

(07) 895 4817
Ohorere Street, Owhango
(07) 895 4823
07 895 5191