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About Taumarunui

Our place has been loved by generations of families for our naturally beautiful environment, our colorful heritage and our caring community.

Taumarunui sits on the Adventure Highway (State Highway 4) and the start of the Forgotten World Highway in the central King Country of the North Island. Part of the Ruapehu District, Taumarunui is centrally located to access the Dual Listed World Heritage Tongariro National Park, and is the gateway to the Whanganui National Park and the Pureora Timber Trail.

Along these highways of wide-open spaces are many recreational activities and outdoor pursuits such as canoeing, jetboating, fishing, golfing, mountain biking, cycle trails, walks, tramps and rail cart rides along with many others. If you are into outdoor adventures that suit all ages then Taumarunui is the place to be.

Taumarunui is an ideal base for all recreational activities, with the population increasing throughout the ski and summer seasons.

Historically a rural service and shopping centre, and the largest town in the Ruapehu District, Taumarunui serves as the main service centre for the surrounding sheep, cattle and deer farms with forestry plantations also a key feature in the region.  It is also increasingly servicing the growing number of visitors taking advantage of our central location to Mt Ruapehu, Mt Tongariro (and the Tongariro Crossing), the Whanganui River, and the Pureora Forest Timber Trail.

Our history is of railways, sawmills, and coal, and our future lies in our excellent rivers and areas for outdoor pursuits cycling, hiking and tramping.

Taumarunui has always been known for its farming, railway history, trout fishing, gardens and weaving, and the Taumarunui Golf Course is listed amongst the country’s top 50.  Taumarunui is now becoming more well known for the Forgotten World Adventures Rail Carts, the Pureora Forest Timber Trail and adventures on the Whanganui River.

The meeting point of both the Whanganui and Ongarue Rivers at Cherry Grove is historically important in Maori culture and serves as the perfect spot for many water based activities.

Taumarunui is around 2 hours from Hamilton, 3 ½ hours from Auckland and 45 minutes to Whakapapa Village in the Tongariro National Park. The Pureora Forest Park to the north-east has large stands of ancient native trees and abundant bird life. A good range of walks and tracks and mountain biking is available.

Taumarunui is a beautiful area with great weather and a wide variety of terrain, flora, bird life and history within easy reach. Whether you want a picnic, a short walk or something a little more energetic there are plenty of places to go. The bush, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and rivers are not just the domain of the fit trampers but can be enjoyed by all.

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