Have you seen Mr G’s mural on the Farmlands building? 

The February and March meetings for Enterprising Taumarunui have been postponed until April.

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Welcome to Taumarunui! 

Our place has been loved by generations of families for our naturally beautiful environment, our colorful heritage and our caring community.

Taumarunui sits on the Adventure Highway (State Highway 4) and starts the Forgotten World Highway in the central King Country of the North Island. Part of the Ruapehu District, Taumarunui is centrally located for access to the Whanganui National Park, Dual Listed World Heritage Tongariro National Park and the Pureora Timber Trail.

Along these highways of wide-open spaces are many recreational activities and outdoor pursuits such as canoeing, jetboating, fishing, golfing, mountain biking, cycle trails, walks, tramps and rail cart rides along with many others.

If you are into outdoor adventures that suit all ages, then Taumarunui is the place to be.



Our people make Taumarunui a great place to live and visit. Supportive and welcoming, we have plenty of community facilities, groups and clubs to fill your needs and keep you engaged and involved in the community. We have a range of sports clubs and even a Live Theatre group in town.


Taumarunui is home to a variety of activities including cycling, canoeing, fishing, skiing, walks, and great scenic views.  With locations such as the Ongarue, Whanganui, and Whakapapa Rivers, Pureora Cycle Trail, Tongariro or Whanganui National Parks, there’s something for all interests in Taumarunui.


Settled by Europeans in the 1870’s, the King Country was the last region in Aotearoa to disallow Pakeha to settle in its lands. Taumarunui, in the heart of the King Country, enjoys a wonderful relationship between all the people that live in the town and surrounding areas.